How Do You Retain A Dental Patient?

Do dental records belong to the patient?

The dentist owns the physical record of the patient.

He/she is the legal guardian of the chart.

Patients do not have the right to possess their original record.

They do have the right to see, review, inspect, request, and obtain a copy of their record..

How do you keep a patient coming back?

How to Keep Patients Coming BackCreate an inviting, relaxing environment. … Care about your patients’ health 24/7. … Ask your patients what they think, then act. … Keep patients informed about health-related topics. … Accommodate your patients’ schedules. … Success doesn’t happen overnight.

How do you make a patient happy?

Here are six ways you and your staff can make your patients happier.Offer a Smile. A little smile goes a long way. … Be on time. Having to wait to be seen is often a patient’s number one complaint. … Address patients by name. … Make time for small talk. … Know how to handle disputes. … Give your waiting room some TLC.

How do you attract more patients to a clinic?

How to grow your clinic: 5 low-cost waysImprove your web presence. A strong web presence is key to standing out in today’s landscape. … Expand your web presence. … Ask for patient feedback and reviews. … Use content marketing to build trust. … Modernize your website.

How long must a dentist keep patient records?

four yearsAccording to Rule 64B5-17.002(2), FAC : A dentist shall maintain the written dental record for a period of at least four years from the date the patient was last examined or treated by the dentist. Malpractice or HIPPA laws may require a longer retention.

How do you retain a patient?

6 Ways to Retain your patientsCommunication equals connection.Reach out beyond the appointment.Listen and learn.Improve the in-office experience.Winnow down those wait times.Monitor and manage your online reputation.

How does a doctor greet a patient?

Most patients want physicians to greet them with a handshake and to introduce themselves using their first and last names.

How do dentists increase patient volume?

The way you manage your dental office affects patient retention ratesWhat makes your practice unique? … Create an office culture. … Expand your services. … Flexible financial options. … Remember to engage. … Improve patient referrals. … Upgrade your scheduling system. … Make sure your staff is trained.

Do dentists lie about cavities?

A cavity is a cavity and there should be no difference between two dentists, right? The answer is not always. Unfortunately, a cavity can be deceptive. It can hide and be obscured by old fillings, location or just not be obvious by eye or xray.

Can I switch dentists in the middle of a procedure?

You can be unhappy and end up switching dentists mid-treatment and yes, you can switch dentists in the middle of a procedure. You can do whatever you’d like with your health.

What does patient retention mean?

Patient retention is defined in the same way any successful relationship is: By having positive touchpoints. This collection of touchpoints is the determining factor in how likely any patient is to continue with your practice or leave for a competing practice.