Question: How Do You Spell Revitalize?

What does imbued mean?

imbue • \im-BYOO\ • verb.

1 : to permeate or influence as if by dyeing 2 : to tinge or dye deeply 3 : to provide with something freely or naturally : endow..

What is the meaning of suffuse?

transitive verb. : to spread over or through in the manner of fluid or light : flush, fill the northern horizon was suffused with a deep red glow— P. M. Leschak.

How do you spell revitalization?

Correct spelling for the English word “revitalizing” is [ɹɪvˈa͡ɪtə͡lˌa͡ɪzɪŋ], [ɹɪvˈa‍ɪtə‍lˌa‍ɪzɪŋ], [ɹ_ɪ_v_ˈaɪ_t_əl_ˌaɪ_z_ɪ_ŋ] (IPA phonetic alphabet)….Similar spelling words for REVITALIZINGrevitalization,revitalize,revitalisation,revitalised,revitalising,revitalized,revitalise.

How do you use revitalize in a sentence?

Revitalize in a Sentence 🔉In an effort to revitalize the dying plant, we put it in a well-lit spot and provided it with plenty of water. … Whenever you are feeling down, you should consider hanging out with your friends or doing something you enjoy to revitalize you.More items…

What does revitalize skin mean?

in BRIT, also use revitalise To revitalize something that has lost its activity or its health means to make it active or healthy again. verb (=revive)

What does acclimatized mean?

: to adapt to a new temperature, altitude, climate, environment, or situation. intransitive verb. : to become acclimatized. Other Words from acclimatize.

What does the word implacable mean?

Implacable is based on the Latin verb placare, meaning “to calm” or “to soothe.” It joins the negative im- to the root to describe something that cannot be calmed or soothed or altered. The root placare also gave us placate. … They come from the Latin verb placēre, a relative of placare that means “to please.”

What is another word for imbue?

Some common synonyms of imbue are infuse, ingrain, inoculate, leaven, and suffuse. While all these words mean “to introduce one thing into another so as to affect it throughout,” imbue implies the introduction of a quality that fills and permeates the whole being.

What’s another word for revitalization?

In this page you can discover 14 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for revitalization, like: renewal, resurgence, reactivation, rebirth, renaissance, resuscitation, revival, revivification, awareness, revitalisation and reinvigoration.

What does fitfully mean?

: not regular or steady fitful sleep. Other Words from fitful. fitfully adverb.

What is mean by Revitalise?

verb (used with object), re·vi·tal·ized, re·vi·tal·iz·ing. to give new life to. to give new vitality or vigor to.

Does revitalize work with Lifesteal?

They simply take the lifesteal stat, and apply it for their damage healing. Revitalize then increases this healing.