Question: What Suffix Meaning Eating Or Swallowing?

Which word part means eating swallowing?

phagiaCheck out the new sectionpachy-heavy; thick-phageeat; swallow-phagiaeating; swallowingphak/olens of eyephalang/ophalanges (of fingers and toes)161 more rows•Aug 31, 2017.

Which suffix means protrusion?

4 SuffixSUFFIXMEANINGEXAMPLE OF USE IN MEDICAL TERMS-celehernia, protrusion, swellinghydrocele-centesissurgical puncture to aspirate fluidamniocentesis-crineto secreteexocrine-cyesispregnancypseudocyesis2 more rows

What suffix means process?

-ment. Suffix meaning action or process; product or thing; state or quality of; concrete result, object, or agent of a (specifed) action.

Can you have two suffixes in a word?

In most cases, a word is built upon at least one root. 2. Words can have more than one prefix, root, or suffix. … Some words have two suffixes (beauti/ful/ly).

What suffix means action or process?

esisterm:esis = suffix meaning action or process.

Whats does suffix mean?

A suffix is a letter or group of letters, for example ‘-ly’ or ‘- ness’, which is added to the end of a word in order to form a different word, often of a different word class. For example, the suffix ‘-ly’ is added to ‘ quick’ to form ‘quickly’. Compare affix and , prefix. 2. countable noun.

Which suffix means capable of?

Adjective SuffixesSuffixMeaningExample-ablecapable ofaffordable-al, -ialrelating to something; the act of doing somethingcoastal, financial- anttendency todominant-aryrelating tocustomary11 more rows

Which suffix means condition?

Only $2.99/month. Identify the suffix that means “condition of”: dysentry (DIS-en-ter-e) (interstinal disorder; root: enter/o) -y.

What is the suffix for treatment?

-gram. suffix meaning “treatment, specialty” -iatry.

Which suffix means relating to a meal?

prandial suffix-prandial. suffix meaning relating to a meal. -scopic.

What are the four 4 main components of a medical word?

Terms in this set (4)word root. contains the basic meaning of the term, in medical terminology this word part usually but not always indicates the involved body part. … combining form. A word root with a combining vowel added to the end; ex. … suffix. A part of a word placed at the end of a word to alter its meaning.prefix.

What suffix means flow?

The suffix that means “discharge or flow” is. -rrhea.