What Does Not Inferior Mean?

What do you call someone who is below you?

A subordinate is someone who works for someone else.

As a verb, to subordinate means to place or rank one thing below another.

You can also say the private is a subordinate..

What is the meaning of inferior?

1 : of little or less importance, value, or merit always felt inferior to his older brother. 2a : of low or lower degree or rank. b : of poor quality : mediocre. 3 : situated lower down : lower.

What is non inferiority margin?

A noninferiority margin (1.31%, M2) was defined for the point‐estimate method to preserve 50% of the pooled point estimate (2.62%, M1). This margin was exceeded by the upper limit of the CI form SPORTIF V (1.64%), therefore, noninferiority was not demonstrated.

What is the null hypothesis in a non inferiority trial?

Hypothesis testing in non-inferiority trials The null hypothesis in non-inferiority trials is that new treatment is inferior to standard treatment. The alternative hypothesis is the new treatment is non-inferior to standard treatment.

Can non inferiority trials show superiority?

In a non-inferiority trial, the focus is on the lower bound margin, what happens at the upper end is not of primary concern in this type of trial design. One can also declare superiority in a non-inferiority trial if the lower limit of CI of the new treatment is above the non-inferiority margin and above zero.

What is the difference between a non inferiority trial and a superiority trial?

In comparison studies with a current therapy, non-inferiority is used to demonstrate that the new therapy provides at least the same benefit to the patient. Superiority trials are always used when comparisons are made to placebo or vehicle treatments.

What is equivalence study?

Equivalence Trial This is a trial with the primary objective of showing that the response to two or more treatments differs by an amount which is clinically unimportant.

What does non inferiority study mean?

A study that tests whether a new treatment is not worse than an active treatment it is being compared to. Non-inferiority trials are sometimes done when a placebo (an inactive treatment) cannot be used.

Which is the closest antonym for the word inferior?

Antonyms for inferiorsuperior.chief.important.major.necessary.best.better.extraordinary.More items…

How do you test for non inferiority?

When lower is better, noninferiority is established if the evidence suggests that the efficacy of the new therapy is no more than δ units more than that of the current therapy. Note that if the equivalence margin is set to zero, δ = 0, then the problem simplifies to a traditional one-sided superiority test.

What is the word for making someone feel inferior?

To belittle means to put down, or to make another person feel as though they aren’t important. Saying mean things about another person literally makes them feel “little.” To belittle someone is a cruel way of making someone else seem less important than yourself.

What’s another word for inferior?

In this page you can discover 70 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for inferior, like: lower, mediocre, subordinate, second-rate, secondary, lesser, junior, substandard, underling, subaltern and under.